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Rocket Web is an ecommerce agency that has been operating for years in the online sales sector
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The creation of an effective e-commerce site is linked not only to technical but also strategic factors.

For this reason, it is essential to rely on professional and specialized e-commerce website creators who know how to create an online store that functions and supports your business. In fact, it is not enough to develop e-commerce online with the best e-commerce platforms if there is not a marketing strategy and a professional e-commerce manager who follows every aspect.

The continuous and exponential diffusion of the use of mobile to surf the internet has produced an increase in online sales and an increase in the advantages of online sales. For this reason, having an e-commerce site is increasingly indispensable, fundamental.


Careful development


E-commerce systems make you independent in sales and management

The e-commerce systems developed by us include the management of the online warehouse and the management of coupons and offers, as well as advanced systems to perfectly track orders from online sales.

The development of e-commerce sites and sites for online sales can be created with CMS platforms specialized in the management of e-commerce sales, the online warehouse and the Customer service. Some of the most important and famous CMS for the creation of e-commerce sites are Magento, Prestashop and WordPress with the WooCommerce extension.


Why create an e-Commerce?

Your shop open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The advent of e-commerce (or E commerce) sites has changed both the way of selling – as it has favored online sales processes and the way of doing Customer service, improving customer acquisition and sales support processes .

An e-commerce site is the ideal tool for any reality that wants to sell without time limits and without territorial limits. From production companies to commercial companies, from fashion boutiques to shops selling home accessories or for the sale of jewelry, there are no commercial sectors that can avoid evaluating the creation of an e-commerce for their business


We innovate together with you!

Great innovations happen when people are not afraid of doing something different than usual

We help companies innovate and grow. When you see great things done, remember that they weren’t done by one person.

There is a need to build a team by surrounding yourself with prepared people to learn from. Our web agency is ready to team up with your company.

The numbers of e-commerce in Italy as an example

Transactions from smartphones One in three Italians use their mobile phone to buy on the internet
Growth in 2020 This is the expected growth of ecommerce in Italy
Online purchases Italians who purchased online in the first quarter of 2020
Usual e-Shoppers The repurchase rate of a product is continuously growing

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