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Rocket Web is a Web Agency in Pordenone, founded by the CEO of ES Informatica Egon Suljic and Eugenio Bagatin, it is composed of a group of internationally renowned experts who help companies obtain concrete results from the world of the web.

This group of professionals with decades of experience is able to create any type of high quality website with extreme rapidity

Rocket Web with over 200 jobs from portals, e-commerce and institutional sites and 24/7 support, is your ideal partner to be successful with your project.

a Web Agency


We have been doing this for a long time,
We love our job,
We love our creations
and some of these have given us enormous satisfaction

Our goal

always give the best Service

We develop effective strategies every day for your online presence and for your business.
We constantly work on the creation of websites, Adwords campaigns and on the management of social media, trying at all times to think about you and what must necessarily be best for your business.


  • We achieve the goals: We set goals based on the sector, the competition, the budget available … and we achieve them all!
  • Not costs but investment: We do not create sites but real work tools.
    In this sector, it is possible to monitor the return on investment and understand how much the customers who come to the site actually cost.
  • Experience and professionalism: The company is young but we have years of experience in the web, marketing and web analysis sector.
  • We create sites that work: It is not enough to put a site online to have visibility on the net and reach potential customers.

Since 2013 in space

Our Web Agency since 2013 has made more than 100 companies take off with the Web



Our mission is customer satisfaction.


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You are never alone: with Rocket Web you have efficient and fast support.


Web Sites Made

A vast experience that we make available to carry out your project.


Respect of the timing

We create websites in record time and we respect 100% of the established times

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Rocket Web is active in more than 7 countries

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